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[Video Game Review] Peggle 2 (2013)

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Game Summary: Peggle 2 propels players to the peg-popping paradise of the original Peggle game while delivering a host of new features and functionality. Unveiled today at gamescom, Peggle 2 offers all-new levels, new and improved power-ups, fantastic multiplayer modes, gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox One, the ability to customize the “Peggle Masters” who host the game, and much more.

Developers: PopCap Games, Q Entertainment

Publishers: PopCap Games, Electronic Arts

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Review: by Darren

Dear Peggle, It’s Darren. I am aware that Peggle basically is the epitome of casual games, but even casual games can contain depth and very solid design. I personally, prior to this point, had never played an iteration of Peggle, so I, in fact, came into this with reasonably fresh eyes.

Easily I can tell you that there is no learning curve whatsoever; yet, they still teach you how to play and, in turn, how to truly understand how to be good at the game. Peggle 2 is at it’s heart Pachinko, a simple game that has you guide (or at least attempt to guide) balls into slots from top to bottom on a vertical boards through pegs. That’s it. There is nothing more conceptually. Peggle 2 adds to that different colored pegs, initially blue, orange purple, and green. In order to beat each stage you must hit, at the very least, every orange peg.

Full Of Onions

At the most basic level, Peggle 2 seems like it might be fun for maybe 5 minutes, but once you actually play it, it is surprisingly deep mechanics wise. To start the game, the first “Master” is Bjorn, he is a unicorn; because, Peggle 2 — that’s why. Each “Master” in the game has a specific power that at the very least helps you in its specific set of levels. Bjorn’s power is an aim guide to the second bounce of the ball, which is amazing at the beginning so you can get your bearings in aiming the ball. Now let me twist that for you again, because Peggle 2. The “Master” power can only be activated by hitting a green peg which there are only two of in every level. Bjorn’s specific power is only good for the next 2 shots, which adds a ridiculous amount of depth to the game in the big picture of a level and not simply those two shots. Once you understand how the “Master” mechanic works, another peg color is thrown at you: purple. Purple is your food, it is essential to being remotely good at the game. Purple is your multiplier for which without any score you’d get would be completely lackluster, possibly abysmal scores in most levels.

This being only the first 10 to 15 minutes of the game, it only gets better from this point on and so much more complex with the various “Masters” in the game each using a vastly different mechanic that adds a whole new level of depth.

There is, in fact, a multiplayer component to the game.  It’s as simple as playing the
normal Peggle 2 single player gameplay except after each shot your score is compared to the other people in the lobby. There isn’t much more depth to it, but it is oh so satisfying to crush other people by literally thousands of points.

It’s not surprising that when I was playing it took a little bit of waiting to find a lobby because of the lack of people playing, but that honestly isn’t surprising. I can’t complain about how the multiplayer was created, I really can’t see any way to make it better (not that it’s bad), so to me it just seems like a “we did it just because” aspect of the game.

A Well Tuned Volvo

In all honesty, it’s a PopCap game. Popcap is one of the few companies that makes
casual multi-platform gold, so it really isn’t surprising that Peggle 2 is so addicting. As far as casual games go, this is a welcome addition to any Xbox One library. Tired of watching TV, play a couple rounds of Peggle. Heck, play Peggle while watching TV if you’re into that sort of thing.

That being said, Peggle will consume you because its so simple yet so complex. Peggle 2 IS a machine, PopCap is in the business of creating machines of addiction. Peggle 2 being no exception, Peggle of some form seems to be
on every game playing platform I can think of. That being said it’s super cheap because it’s so mass produced. It’s basically McDonald’s.

The Good, The Bad, And The Hashed
#Casual #Cheap #ShallowLearningCurve #EasyButDeep
#Multiplayer #DownloadOnly

If you’re into at least 3 of the tags then its worth a buy in all honesty, unless you own it on any other platform. This isn’t the next generation game you’ve been waiting for. Yes, it’s fun.  Yes, it’s deep.  Yes, you can get a decent amount of playtime out of it, but this could be done on essentially any modern device (as it kind of has been). This specific release is a timed exclusive, so this iteration isn’t actually on any other platforms at the moment.

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