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[Anime Convention Review] Otakon (2015)

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When: July, 24 - July 26, 2015

Where: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD USA

What is it: Otakon is a convention for fans of Asian popular culture. It originally began as an event for fans of Japanese animation but has since expanded to include fans of all Asian culture entertainment. Otakon is traditionally held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, located about an hour north of Washington, DC. Otakon is the largest and longest-running Japanese animation convention on the East Coast of the United States. Otakorp, Inc. organizes and runs Otakon each year and sells memberships rather than tickets.The convention draws people from all over the world for one weekend to enjoy Asian pop cultural entertainment together.

Review: by The Grand Shuckett Crew

It's that time of year again.  It's time to go to Baltimore for Otakon.  We could't wait to see the cosplay, visit Dealer's Room, and go to some of our favorite and new panels.

You can listen to our Otakon Recap Podcast Episode Here:

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Thanks to all the industry guests, dealers, artist, game developers, and convention attendees that took the time to talk with us!

Cosplay Gallery!

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Rock Band. #Otakon Gameroom.

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The Panels

Friday – Day 1

  • Legend of Korra Photo Shoot
  • Friday Night Fan Parodies
  • J. Michael Tatum Question & Answer
  • How to Take Better Cosplay Photos
  • My Little Parody
  • Angels in Anime
  • Blood and Honor: The Story of the Samurai in Japanese Cinema
  • Beyond Steven’s Universe
  • Greatest Anime Openings Ever
  • DEAD! Afterlife Lore in Japanese Culture
  • Tales of Tales!

Saturday – Day 2

  • Marvel Comics Photo Shoot
  • Iron Editor
  • AMV Contest Winners
  • Romi Park Press Conference
  • Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham Press Conference
  • Voice Actors After Dark
  • The Meaning of Kimono
  • Stemming the Rose: An Intro to Bara and Gei Comi
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Tentacles (But Were Afraid to Ask!)
  • What the @#$% Japan?!
  • From Magical Girl to Mother Dragon – Women in Anime
  • Putting the Nerve in NerveGear; The Neuroscience Behind Sword Art Online
  • 20 Manga Recommendations for Grown Ups
  • Anime’s Appearances in US Media
  • Thy Name is Woman: Exploring the Horrors of Female Ghosts in Japan
  • Yokai Girls Gone Wild

Sunday – Day 3

  • Sound Euphonium 1-2 [S]
  • AMV Contest Encore
  • Vocaloid Mania!
  • Great Ugly Manga

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