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[Movie News] Jeff Lemire’s ‘Descender’ Adaptation Finds its Writer

Jesse Wigutow has been brought on to write the adaptation of Jeff Lemire's Image comic Descender.

I’ve read a few issues of Descender and it’s a really interesting story that will probably translate well to the big screen.

Jesse Wigutow has been tapped to adaptDescender, the sci-fi comic book from acclaimed creator Jeff Lemire.

Josh Bratman will produce the Sony project under his Immersive Pictures banner with Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, the comic’s co-creator and artist, executive producing.

The space opera tells of a time where anything android, robotic or with artificial intelligence is hunted down by bounty hunters and destroyed. On a distant mining colony, one self-aware and extremely lifelike robot called TIM-21 becomes the target of a galaxy-wide pursuit when it’s believed he may hold the key to the destruction of the galaxy. TIM-21 bands with a rag-tag group of unlikely companions and goes on the run from one exotic planet to the next, with new foes advancing at every turn.

Sony picked up the rights to Descender almost exactly a year ago.


Source: THR

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