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[Podcast] Blissless Ignorance – Episode 001: Town Fears Solar Panels Will Suck Up Sun


On this inaugural episode of Blissless Ignorance, where there's nothing blissful about being ignorant, Anthony and Leanne discuss the latest news and events going on in the world today.

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Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Millennials outraged over being portrayed as millennials being outraged
  • Town fears Solar Panels will suck up all the Sun
  • The Confederate Flag is based in Racism
  • Florida Man Shoots Girlfriend citing Stand Your Ground Law
  • Nate Parker’s College Rape Trial
  • Male Gymnasts Want to Compete Topless
  • Dept of Justice report on Baltimore Police
  • 6 yr old girl handcuffed at school to be taught lesson
  • Slavery reparations could cost 14 trillion
  • Detroit Makes Community College Free

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