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[TV Show Review] Top TV Shows to Look Forward to in Fall 2016

This is a Guest contributed post from: Ryan White

Top TV Shows to Look Forward to in Fall 2016

There are three prevailing themes with this year's TV shows: TV-based films, time travel, and superheroes. For TV-based films we have Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist to look forward to. For time travel, we have Timeless, Frequency, and ABC's Time After Time. As for superheroes, we have Supergirl and The Flash making their much-awaited returns this October.

Check out some of the new and old shows premiering this fall on both cable and network.

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Lethal Weapon (Fox, September 21st)

Fans of the original Riggs and Murtaugh can relive the comedy with Fox’s TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon. Taking cue from the original show, Riggs is still as reckless as a teenager and Murtaugh is getting “too old for Riggs’ antics.” The show promises action and comedy just like the movie that the TV show will base its episodes from.

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The Exorcist (Fox, September 23rd)

The Exorcist is perhaps one of the scariest films of all time, bringing horrific nightmares to people of all ages. Now, Fox will show an episode based on the original film every week. The series will follow the stories of different families, but it all boils down to the demonic spirits that need to be exorcized. The show stars Geena Davis (The Fly), Ben Daniels (House of Cards), and Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller Can’t Lose).

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Timeless (NBC, October 3rd)

As earlier mentioned, each network seems to have their own time-travel stint this fall, and Timeless is one of them. Timeless follows the canon of all time-travel shows where the protagonist is warned of the dire consequences of changing the past. A criminal aims to destroy the U.S. by changing the past and it is up to a team consisting of a soldier, scientist, and history professor to prevent this from happening.

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Frequency (CW, October 5th)

Frequency is about the story of Raimy (Peyton List, The Tomorrow People), who seems to have a supernatural ability to communicate with his father through a two-way radio. Raimy’s father — who is a cop — was killed in the line of duty in 1996, and it is up to Raimy’s time-traveling powers of radio frequency to prevent it from happening.

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Supergirl (CW, October 10)

Supergirl returns on October 10, after the major cliffhanger from Season 1 left everyone reeling. Melisa Benoist (Whiplash) reprises her protector of National City, having the same superpowers as her Kryptonian cousin Superman.

Supergirl wowed TV critics and fans last year when it earned recognition from Variety as the Top New Show of the Fall. According to Nielsen’s rating estimates, “Supergirl’s premier averaged a 3.1 rating/10 share with adults ranging between the ages of 18-49, and 12.95 million viewers overall from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.”

Supergirl has also boosted DC’s popularity to the general public further as online gaming providers seem to have extended its hosting contracts to many DC superhero-themed games. Recreational site Pocket Fruity, the company that popularized the Reel Spinner online game, remains one of the proud hosts of the Dark Knight Rises digital game. Such offshoots showcase the increasing power of the DC brand and the products they release to the mainstream market as well as the array of critically acclaimed TV series we’ve all enjoyed in the last decade.

If only its future movies could do the same.

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The Flash (CW, October 4)

Along with Supergirl, The Flash also returns on October! Barry Allen/The Flash must face an alternate reality on Season 2 following the events that happened on the concluding episode of Season 1. Grant Gustin reprises his role as the fastest man alive, and at the same time a crime scene investigator who works for the CCPD.


Tell us which show you’re looking forward to watching in the comments section below!

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