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[Podcast] The Grand Shuckett Podcast – Episode 164: Gay for Gaston

In this episode, Anthony and Leanne are joined by Nena, Sam, Paul, and Kendrick to discuss the latest news in Movies, TV Shows, and Pop Culture at large.


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Top 3 Round Table Picks

Anthony’s Top 3 Picks
Secret Garden (K Drama)
Powerless (TV Show)
13th (Documentary)

Leanne’s Top 3 Picks
Supergirl (TV Show)
New Girl (TV Show)
Arrow (TV Show)

Nena’s Top 3 Picks
The Flash (TV Show)

Sam’s Top 3 Picks
Modern Family (TV Show)
The Good Fight (TV Show)
The Americans (TV Show)

Paul’s Top 3 Picks
Cheers (TV Show)
Riverdale (TV Show)
Hearthstone (Video Game)

Kendrick’s Top 3 Picks
Shadowverse (Video Game)
Tales of Berseria (Video Game)
Get Out (Movie)

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