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[Movie Review] Cars 3 (2017)

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Plot Summary: Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.

Director: Brian Fee

Writers: Brian Fee, Ben Queen

Runtime: 1r 49min

Main Cast:

  • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen (voice)
  • Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez (voice)
  • Chris Cooper as Smokey (voice)
  • Nathan Fillion as Sterling (voice)
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Mater (voice)
  • Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm (voice)

Review: by Marie

I remember watching the first Cars movie and absolutely loving it through and through.  So when my son and I heard there was going to be a Cars 3 we were both equally excited.

Starting off with a great cast in the 1st movie it was super great knowing that the same actors would voice their original characters while also topping this movie off by adding more great actors to the mix. The Cars movies have been Pixar’s most commercially popular; they are the creative runts of the studio’s litter.  The original movie tacked a humility lesson onto a Route 66 Americana landscape lifted from a retro chain diner; then the 2011 sequel threw some James Bond shenanigans into the mix. This movie takes it all back to what made these movies so great in the first place; the racing. So know this, that Cars 3 is easily the best entry of the bunch, feel free to take it as you want. But to me, this movie showed everything and more. There’s an emotional resonance to this story about growing old, chasing glory days and the joy of passing the baton that leaves the other two films choking on its digitally rendered dust.

What I Liked:

There is a fabulous scene of Lightning McQueen and his new protégé Cruz on a beach when Lightning is trying to find himself again to get himself ready for his next race. But during this time on the beach, it turns more into Lightning McQueen teaching Cruz a few things on racing. I loved the amount of caring this scene showed and what it was resonating in teaching the children that were watching. Including my own.

What I Didn’t Like:

Unfortunately, Mater was not all hands in like in the previous films so that was a little bit of a downer. Although he was seen being his loveable and goofy self it would have been nice to see more of him and the relationship that we have all grown to love between him and Lightning McQueen.


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