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[Movie Review] The Star (2017)

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Plot Summary: A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas.

Director: Timothy Reckart

Writers: Carlos Kotkin (screenplay by), Simon Moore (story by)

Runtime: 1h 26min

Main Cast:

  • Steven Yeun as Bo (voice)
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Dave (voice)
  • Aidy Bryant as Ruth (voice)
  • Gina Rodriguez as Mary (voice)
  • Zachery Levi as Joseph (voice)
  • Christopher Plummer as Herod (voice)

Review by: Marie

A skillfully balanced religious theme such as the importance of prayer and the value of forgiveness with a more secular message about pursuing your dreams, this wonderful holiday film is a treat for adults and children.

“The Star” (Sony) is a delightful animated version of the Christmas story told from the perspective of some of the animals present in the manger. The story works its way into the biblical narrative of Jesus’ birth through the adventures of a gentle donkey from Nazareth named Bo (voice of Steven Yeun) who is curious about the world beyond the grain mill where he carries out his monotonous work.

Bo yearns to exchange his life of drudgery for the fame and prestige to be gained by joining the storied royal caravan. Bo’s best friend, a dove by the name of Dave (voice of Keegan-Michael Key), shares this ambition. And the pals get their chance to fulfill their aspirations when Bo successfully escapes his confinement.

As a range of characters rely on prayer for guidance and strive to do God’s will, Mary and Joseph present the image of a well-balanced marriage by being strong for each other in moments of trial or doubt.

What I Liked:

I loved the fact that this movie is coming out exactly during this holiday season. Having the movie be told from the animal’s perspective made it a lot easier to watch for children.

My son absolutely loved the movie. We were both enlightened in seeing all of the animals working together and the friendships that were made throughout the film.  One thing that Mary says in the film is awesome and enlightening to me: “Just because God has a plan doesn’t mean it’s not going to be hard.” The movie points the way to the birth of Jesus and does so in a reverential yet entertaining way. It’s a pure delight.

What I Didn’t Like:

The film does contain scenes of peril and a bit of very mild scatological humor, which I did not find appealing, but thankfully it did not take away from the core of what the movie was about.


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