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Want to know what you should watch?  Want to know what you should read?  Interested in the the latest movie news, or video games? Well, we have some ideas.

Here at the Grand Shuckett, this husband and wife duo (Anthony and Lee) will do what we do best – give our many, varied, often conflicting, opinions on most things entertainment.  We read (novels, manga, and comics). Watch (TV shows, movies, and anime).  We even play (board games and video games), and we have opinions on it all of which we’re here to share.

If that wasn’t enough we also have a few friends that will stop by from time to time to give their opinions and views on things.

Our Guest Contributors

The Duah aka The Superior Spider-Sam – Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Darren – Video Games

Paul – Comic Books & Graphic Novels, Anime & Manga

Nena – Movies, Books, TV Shows, Anime & Manga

Kendrick – TV Shows, Anime & Manga

Faith and Marie – Movie Reviews

Mia – Movie Reviews

Erika – Movie Reviews (Your Urban Fantasy)

Chris – Movie Reviews (Cool Kids Forever Films)


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