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[Comic Book News] Spider-Woman to get a Solo Comic Book

Marvel announced at their Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman is getting her own comic book.

Dennis Hopeless will do the writing and Greg Land will do the art for the upcoming book in November.

Sunday at Comic-Con International: San Diego’s “Women of Marvel” panel, Marvel announced the launching of a new Spider-Woman series this November. Tying into the highly-promoted “Spider-Verse” event, Spider-Woman will be written by Avengers Arena’s Dennis Hopeless with art by Iron Man’s Greg Land.

After serving as a secret agent, alien hunter, Avenger and even an agent of Hydra for a time, Spider-Woman has now taken up with a “spider army” according to Hopeless in a war at the center of “Spider-Verse.” With her extensive background, Jessica Drew is considered an experienced leader in this army – and because of that, is tasked with their newest recruit: Silk.

The idea of a solo book for Spider-Woman is awesome, what isn’t very exciting is Greg Land doing the art work.

Land is notorious for tracing art, re-using his own drawing within issues, stealing from other artists, and tracing artwork from porn.  There are multiple websites documenting his many instances of swiping, recycling, and tracing.  It’s a problem.

A closer look at the cover for Spider-Woman #1 raises a bunch of questions, primarily “What’s wrong with her leg?!”

Hopefully the writing will outweigh any typical Greg Land-ish artwork.

Source: Newsarama

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