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[Podcast] The Grand Shuckett Podcast – Episode 160: Lemond Bishop is Luke Cage

In this episode, Anthony and Leanne are joined by Sam and Kendrick to discuss the latest news in Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Comics, Anime & Manga, and Books.

We discuss the latest trailers for Netflix's 13th, and Netflix's The Crown!

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Top 3 Round Table Picks

Anthony’s Top 3 Picks
Teen Titans Rebirth 001 (Comics)
Totally Awesome Hulk 010 (Comics)
Captain America Sam Wilson 013 (Comics)

Leanne’s Top 3 Picks
Atlanta (TV Show)
Dancing with the Stars (TV Show)
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (Comics)

Sam’s Top 3 Picks
The Leviathan Chronicles (Audio Drama)
Fables (Comic Book)
Luke Cage (TV Show)

Kendrick’s Top 3 Picks
Galavant (TV Show)
Voyager (TV Show)
Hamilton (soundtrack)


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